Gulfs in evolutions, can someone explain it?

Herb Huston huston at access.digex.net
Thu Oct 9 09:56:00 EST 1997

In article <61hdo9$gu0 at examiner.concentric.net> jabriol at cris.com writes:
} > Recently, however, a gene has been discovered in a village in Italy that
} > protects people from the heart clogging effects of LDL cholestrol.  It
} > has been traced to a mutation several hundred years old, possessed by no
} > one who is not a descendant of the man with the mutation.
}Anyone remembers Typhoid Mary?
}so what else is new.....?

Translation from Creatiospeak to English: "Being intellectually inadequate
to address the issue raised, I will instead post a non-sequitur to remain
consistent with the moronic drivel I have posted earlier in this and other

Did I get that right?

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