STD question

Eric Johansen ejo at biobase.dk
Thu Oct 9 08:09:05 EST 1997

Cullen Kiker (ckiker at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu) wrote:
: Pop Quiz
: For a project, I need to determine what this girl has.  I am running an
: assumption that it is a STD based on past behavior.  Here is the data.
: She got sick and started taking medication early September.  Medication
: and/or condition mandate no strenuous physical activity.
: She relapsed in early October.  She is currently on bed rest.

: What does that suggest to any of you?

That you should get a new girlfriend?

If this really is for a project, it suggests that should find
a new line of work because nobody would base a diagnosis on an
assumption. Maybe she has a heart condition.

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