Gulfs in evolutions, can someone explain it?

G. L. 'Bonz' Newman stardust12 at 34creative-net.net
Thu Oct 9 07:37:21 EST 1997

On 8 Oct 1997 22:53:16 -0400, "Jabriol" <jabriol at cris.com> wrote:

> >
> > Recently, however, a gene has been discovered in a village in Italy that
> > protects people from the heart clogging effects of LDL cholestrol.  It
> > has been traced to a mutation several hundred years old, possessed by no
> > one who is not a descendant of the man with the mutation.
>Anyone remembers Typhoid Mary?
>so what else is new.....?

Yes, I know all about Typhoid Mary. Waht on EARTH does she have to do
with any of this?

Your ignorance si staggering.


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