I need a diagnosis

Jonathan Katz jonathan at artegal.seas.ucla.edu
Fri Oct 10 18:53:24 EST 1997

Hrm... Looks like one of those trick type questions...  Based on that
assumption here is my best guess at an answer:

  Patient is a student at a university that works on a quarter
  system -- I.e., 3 months of classes = 1 quarter.

  Patient is sober during classes but parties quite hard after her/his
  last final.  As part of this celebration, she/he consumes great 
  quantities of narcotics, well at least one -- alcohol.

  Patient is currently on bedrest because patient has a hangover...

I believe this meets all of the stated criteria...

  -Jonathan  (who has been known to suffer from the same condition :-) )

Cullen Kiker <ckiker at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu> writes:

>I have been trying to figure out what a preson has got for a project. 
>All I have been given is incrediably genral information.  
>1.  Patient has the condition three months ago, and is currently having
>a relapse.  
>2.  Patient is currently on bedrest.  
>3.  Patient took a narcotic last time she had the condition.  

>This was all I was given.  I am to try to come up with a theory on the
>condition.  Any help would be appreciated.

>Many thanks,

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