Vodka kills germs?

Joseph Michael Bay jmbay at leland.Stanford.EDU
Fri Oct 10 21:05:12 EST 1997

yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET (Yersinia) writes:

>Jim Rogers writes,

Some story about drinking vodka to kill Salmonella.  Sounds like a plan.

>May I ask what school allows anyone to mouth pipette *anything,* much 
>less Salmonella?? Or, is the proper question to ask, how long ago did 
>this incident take place?  I began college in 1991 , and in every biology 
>and chemistry lab I've ever had with experiments involving pipetting, it 
>was specified repeatedly that mouth pipetting was absolutely prohibited, 
>plus the labs all have signs warning of the dangers of mouth pipetting. 

Odd.  I had this one advisor who actually *made fun of us* for *not* mouth
pipetting.  He scoffed at safety!  He laughed at precautions!  He would
stick his hand into (unpolymerized) acrylamide and say "Now my hand feels
numb!"  What a hoot.

>I'm actually more accustomed to 
>pipetting aids when it comes to precision pipetting, so I don't think 
This sounds like a really bad idea, if you're using mouth pipetting.


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