Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Sat Oct 11 13:53:09 EST 1997

Is there a virologist in the house? :-)

My professor is usually very good at answering questions (I had 
microbiology and immunology with him before), but I couldn't get an 
answer to this one:

In a recent virology lecture, we were told that the replicative cycles of 
certain viruses which use host DNA dependent DNA polymerase,  are 
dependent on what phase the host cell is in - that if the host isn't in 
S, synthesizing DNA, then the virus can't replicate. OK, I understand 
that, but I'm curious: Do papovaviruses, as tumor viruses which spur 
their hosts on to uncontrollable reproduction, stimulate this excessive 
division in their host cells so that it will result in them (the viruses) 
having plenty of DNA polymerase for themselves and their progeny viruses?

Also, (this is an afterthought), are papovaviruses ever used to create 
continuous cell lines?

Thank you for your help.


..microcosmic....  :-)

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