Laboratory Safety

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Mon Oct 13 15:17:39 EST 1997

Susannah K Hubert <shubert at sph.emory.edu> writes: > All I can say is that anyone who anyone who would mouth pipet Salmonella
> deserves what they get.  That is dangerous and anyone who works with
> bacterial cultures should know better.
> Susie
All I can say is that ANYONE who allows a student to mouth pipette ANYTHING is not doing
ANYONE any service nor are they teaching good safety.  Too much is asummed, and too
many things can happen...I once saw someone hiccup while mouth pipetting and they
ended up splattering their mouth and lips with 0.01N HCl...I didn't say anything
before they had hte accident because I didn't want to startle them.  Too late.
There are instruments that will help pipette; use those.

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