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                                             POSITION: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR.               

EFFECTIVE DATE: August, 1998.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Ph.D. in the biological sciences with training and research in
the area of immunology. The successful candidate will have a record of published research and
the ability to develop and sustain an externally-funded research program involving students that
will lead to original scientific publications. Demonstrated potential for effective teaching of
immunology and the ability to communicate effectively with an ethnically and culturally diverse
campus community is required.

DESIRED/PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: A minimum of two years of postdoctoral
research experience. Research expertise in utilizing modern molecular techniques and prior
successful teaching at the post-secondary level are desirable. Development of senior/graduate
courses in areas of immunology related to individual research interests is expected and might
include immunogenetics, lymphocyte development and function, tumor immunology, cytokine
expression and signal transduction, molecular immunology and gene regulation,
immunochemistry, transplantation and antigen presentation, mechanisms of host-pathogen
interactions, and autoimmunity.

DUTIES: Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in immunology and related areas.
Participate in majors introductory core course; develop upper division/graduate course in
specialty field; develop an active, externally-funded research program in immunology that involves
undergraduate and graduate (M.S.) students; participate in activities serving the department,
university, and community.

SALARY RANGE: $37,140 - $46,812.

APPLICATION: Review of applications will commence November 3, 1997. Position open until
filled. All applications must include a letter of application, curriculum vitae, a detailed statement
of research and teaching interests, three letters of recommendation provided by references, and
copies of all transcripts that include relevant course work. An official transcript from institution
awarding the highest degree will be required from all finalists. 

Applications, required documentation, and/or requests for information should be addressed to:
                  Dr. Laura Kingsford, Chair 
                    Attn.: Immunology Search
               Department of Biological Sciences 
            California State University, Long Beach 
                     1250 Bellflower Blvd.
                   Long Beach, CA 90840-3702 
            PHONE: 562/985-4807 - FAX: 562/985-8878 
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In addition to meeting fully its obligation of nondiscrimination under federal and state law,
CSULB is committed to creating a community in which a diverse population can live, work, in an
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other personal characteristics or beliefs.

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