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> Lab Safety,
> I agree that modern pipetting devices with sterile disposable tips have 
> made many of these operations very much more safe and have rendered 
> mouth pipetting a thing of the past. There was however a nasty 
> intermediate period when dreadful gadgets were "stuck" on the end of 
> glass pipettes in the interests of "perceived safety" and did just the 
> reverse.

Except the fact that if you pippette is going to be used fo a toxic
compound then I would never put my 
mouth near it, or anywhere near any "supposed" clean pippettes incase they
are not. In fact I have never mouth pippetted, ever as its a damn stupid
thing to do. 

> Our laboratory accident book rapidly filled with incidents of 
> glass pipettes breaking and causing nasty wounds when students attempted 
> to apply the "aid". 

Funny I never seen this done, if you use common sense when putting these
 pippeting devices on the glass pippette they don't break. Then again a lot
 people do leave common sense outside the lab.

>There were no similar quantities of mouth pipetting accidents. 

Then again most peol can cover up a quick mouth ful of compund-X unless it
poisens them. While a piece of glas through the hand is a bit harder to
cover up.

>They were unreliable and caused lots of spillage  due to leaking.

If used badly yes, then again, if used properly they don't.

> The unknown is risky.

Mike Jones

> Peter Harris,
> Reading University,
> UK.
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