Question: Evolution: morphology vs. molecular genetics?

Karl Roberts kr1 at PGSTUMAIL.PG.CC.MD.US
Fri Oct 17 09:54:06 EST 1997

Dear Saif,

	There are at least two lines of thought on this subject.
Traditional morphologists would argue that external structure is very
important, in that it is visible and less subject to error than molecular
interpretation.  Molecular taxonomists would argue that the similarity and
differences between specific molecules among different organisms are much
better indicators of evolutionary change, given their rapid rate of change
when change does occur.  To me (and I know that some will not agree),
external morphology is a reflection of molecular change, so both should be
considered when attempting to develop a usable data set from which to
develop reasonable taxonomic and evolutionary hypotheses.  I hope this
Karl J. Roberts, Ph.D.

On 17 Oct 1997, Saif Al-Bustany wrote:

> Does morphology qualifies as a reliable evidence of evolution?  
> Especially when you consider the new application of 16SrRNA and 18SrRNA 
> sequencing?  
> Thank you,
> salbusta at gmu.edu
> Al-Bustany at juno.com

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