US Census on 1 CD

Craig Cornelius info at censuscd.com
Tue Oct 21 10:35:40 EST 1997

If you are interested in the only SINGLE CD-ROM containing
complete US demographic data from 67 Census Bureau CDs, for
less than $200, then please read on.

CensusCD contains the entire US Census, over 1.3 billion
demographics, with an easy to use yet powerful Windows
interface, all on one(1) CD-ROM. It is the best reference
for researching the people and housing of the United States.

CensusCD gives you access to demographics on population(2633
variables), housing(714), families(385), employment(301),
occupation(16), education(155), college(19), income(862),
White(250), African American(249), Asian(296), Hispanic(292),
Native American(267), language spoken(26), english ability(45),
poverty(400), renters(108), group quarters(38), commuting,
marriage(128), marital status(23) children(329), male(460),
female(460), ages(1300), military service(30), industry(20),
ancestry(118), ethnicity(160), disability(48), type of housing,
vehicles(48), phones(15), housing price, heating fuel(11),
plumbing(63), housing costs(175), rent(108), source of water(8),
source of income, head of household(900), and MUCH more, for any
area in the US directly from your desktop.  CensusCD can easily
VIEW and PRINT this data, or EXPORT it to other packages such as:
SAS, SPSS, Mapinfo, Arcview, Excel, Access, and Oracle.

CensusCD is the most comprehensive reference of the U.S.
population and its housing available.  CensusCD is the only
product on the market with the complete 1990 US Census (3,500+
variables for 16 levels of US geography, from block group level
up) on a single CD.

This data is originally sold by the US Census Bureau (data file
titles STF3A, 3B, 3C & 3D) for about $3,000 on 67 CD-ROM's. Some
data publishers have compressed the information down to 5 discs
for about $500 with only basic tools.  Others sell smaller subsets
of the data with only limited geographic or demographic content.
GeoLytics, the makers of CensusCD, have developed advanced
compression technologies that make the convenience of accessing
all of this data from one CD, possible.  CensusCD finally makes

CensusCD's easy to use Windows interface lets users:

     - Make CUSTOM DEMOGRAPHIC (from 3,500+ choices) selections

     - Make CUSTOM GEOGRAPHIC (from 375,000+ areas) selections

     - Select from 16 AREA TYPES: Block Group, Tract, County,
       State, Division, Region, Nation, ZIP-code, Place, MCD,
       MSA, 104th Congress, Urban, PMSA, ANRC, and Native American

     - Create RADIUS area in miles around an address, zip code,
       place name, or latitude/longitude coordinates, for
       demographic reporting

     - SEARCH for DEMOGRAPHIC variables by specific terms
       (e.g. "Education") with the  counts search

     - SEARCH for GEOGRAPHIC names in the entire US or a
       single state (e.g. all occurrences of Springfield)

     - Input an address (ZIP & Street) to get neighborhood
       demographics (GEOCODING to the block group)

     - Easily BREAK DOWN reporting areas into smaller units
       (e.g. all counties in California, all ZIPs in US)

     - SORT (rank order) results in ascending or descending order

     - Always know your next step through AUTOMATIC ADVICE which
       appear at the bottom of the program's window

     - Access over 25,000 lines of clear & extensive HELP
       including the complete set of STF-3 documentation

     - Produce reports in many formats, including ASCII and Dbase

     - Export results to STATISTICAL (e.g. SAS, SPSS), DATABASE
       (e.g. Access, Oracle), SPREADSHEET (e.g. Excel, 1-2-3), or
       MAPPING (e.g. ArcView, MapInfo) packages

     - Include latitude/longitude CENTROIDS, for every geographic
       area (for use by mapping packages)

     - VIEW, search, COPY into clipboard, or PRINT reports

     - Run reports in MULTITASKING  mode

CensusCD requires an IBM compatible PC with at least a 386
processor, Windows (3.1x, 95, NT), a CD-ROM drive, 8 Mb of
memory, and at least 2 Mb of free hard disk space.

Visit our web site at http://www.censuscd.com for more information
about CensusCD.  Link to http://www.censuscd.com/features_f.htm
for more features information, including screen shots and sample
reports. At the same link you can also download a complete
description of the 3500+ demographics available in CensusCD. Link
to http://www.censuscd.com/tour_f_1.htm and take a GUIDED TOUR of

CensusCD provides a superior interface, unmatched convenience,
extensive on-line help, geocoding, free technical support, and
A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, for only $199.95 (shipping and
handling included).

For more information, or to order by credit card, call
1-800-577-6717, or 1-732-651-2000.  Purchase orders can be faxed
to 1-732-651-2721, or mailed to PO Box 10, East Brunswick, NJ
08816 USA.  Questions can be sent to info at censuscd.com .

Craig Cornelius
CEO, GeoLytics, Inc.

GeoLytics Main Office
P.O Box 10
East Brunswick, NJ 08816 USA
Phone  : 800-577-6717 (for orders and information)
         732-651-2000 (technical support)
Fax    : 732-651-2721 (for PO's)
E-mail : info at censuscd.com  (for information)
Web    : http://www.censuscd.com

PS. we spend thousands of hours surfing the web for e-mails of
potential US Census data users, or data providers. we will not
buy, rent, or sell e-mail addresses, or intentionally send to list
serves or news groups.  this message will only be sent once (by
us) to an address. we apologize for any mistakes, or for sending
to those against UCE

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