Seasonal airborne-Penicillium counts

Austin Reade areade at innovacorp.ns.ca
Wed Oct 22 07:29:05 EST 1997

Airborne mold spore counts in outside air in our region (Eastern Canada) are 
normally dominated by Cladosporium, Ulocladium and Alternaria, along 
with Epicoccum, non sporing isolates and low levels of other molds including 
Penicillium, Aspergillus, Scopulariopsis, etc.  Total mold counts range up to 
2,000-3,000 cfu/m3 in summer to less than 100 in winter.

This fall our lab has received air samples (RCS Biotest strips) from several 
widely separated areas with very high levels of Penicillium sp in the outside 
air samples (1,000-2,000 cfu/m3).  We don't maintain our clients' data in a 
form which allows easy retrospective analysis but I don't recall seeing such 
high levels of penicillia in outside samples in previous years.

Is it likely that this reflects changing dominance of molds on the senescing 
leaves of deciduous trees?

A pointer to published data would be appreciated.
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