E. Coli identification

Gary Lum Gary.Lum at CASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au
Tue Oct 21 22:54:39 EST 1997

ch at ww.com wrote:
> Can some one tell me the basic characteristics of e. coli
> - Gram +/-
> - Acid fast +/-
> - Flagella movement
> - Capsule formation
> - Spores
> and anything else you can think of

Why don't you look up a good text book like the Manual of Clinical
Microbiology, or Cowan and Steels's text on identification, or Bailey
and Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology?

If this is homework, your text books will have answers.  If you lack
text books, go to a library.

Anyway, _Escherichia coli_ is Gram negative, it is not acid fast, it
possesses flagellae, it does not form capsules nor spores.  They are
catalase, nitrate, beta-glucoronidase and indole positive.  The are
lactose fermenters and occasionally late lactose fermenters, so the ONPG
is positive as opposed to most _Shigella_ species.



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