HELP! Ebola Virus

Robin Persaud robinpersaud at globalserve.net
Thu Oct 23 18:45:25 EST 1997

I make a mistake in this posting not too long ago....

>Hello, my name is Robin, and I need some help.  I am an OAC bio student in
>Toronto, ON, working on a class assignment that has to do with
>Since not much is currently known about this topic, (and since our material
>is dated), our assignment was to gather information of the different
>theories on this topic.  If anyone has anything that could be of use to me,
>please, send it.  I would appreciate it very much.

I have not gotten too much of a good response from this message.  Let me
make a few corrections, observations, and statements.

1.  I meant filovirus and not retro.  Anybody who has studied Ebola,
Marburg, and others knows that.  I must have mistyped the word in a spell of

2.  When somebody makes a mistake, don't send nasty e-mail.  THINK BEFORE
YOU E-MAIL should be a law.  I got a nasty e-mail from some University
Professor and I must say that he was quite rude.  He bluntly stated that I
should go to the library and study, saying that "nobody gives free rides for
lazy people".  This is not the case.  I collected many research papers, and
I even went so far as to hound officials from the WHO for detailed
manuscripts of the events that took place in the 'hot zones'.  He also had a
few "choice words" for me.  But let's move on.  No use wasting time on him.

3.  To those who did respond, thank you.  I appreciate it.

4.  Finally, I wish to say that I am sorry for not editing and proofreading
my letter before I posted--a definite sin--especially when it comes to

Thank for your time.

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