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Vera Alexandra Guerra Duarte mop16749 at mail.telepac.pt
Fri Oct 24 19:03:42 EST 1997

I am a Portuguese student of Biochemistry at Porto University.
I just wrote to tell you that I think I've seen a paper about retroviruses
on Scientific American. I just can't tell you when. I'll have to search it

I hope I've helped you.

Tiago Fleming

Robin Persaud <robinpersaud at globalserve.net> escreveu no artigo
<62g65p$jf$1 at titan.globalserve.net>...
> Hello, my name is Robin, and I need some help.  I am an OAC bio student
> Toronto, ON, working on a class assignment that has to do with
> Since not much is currently known about this topic, (and since our
> is dated), our assignment was to gather information of the different
> theories on this topic.  If anyone has anything that could be of use to
> please, send it.  I would appreciate it very much.

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