? on oscillaxanthin

Joseph J Jarfas jjarfas at ibm.net
Tue Oct 28 12:36:20 EST 1997


    not being well versed in the relevant sciences, I would like to
ask  this question:

Where can I find an answer to: oscillaxanthin extinction coefficient

(A student in Hungary looking for this answer and I'm trying to help
Would appreciate a copy to my E-mail address, since I don't follow
this group normally (way over my head :-)

Thanks for any idea or hint,


Joseph J Jarfas -- Princeton Jct., New Jersey, USA
Searching for: Stauffer - Kurtz - Cleary - Faner -
Buruts - Kirkpatrick - Nickel - Pék - Place -
Pomper - Praisner - Rudd - Rupp - Spelman -
Sohonyai - Somogyi - and many more...

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