Binocular microscope for sale

R.S. Paulson rspaulson at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 28 09:02:41 EST 1997

OEM binocular microscope. Siedentopf prism system, with 
interpupillary and diopter adjustment. Head inclined 30deg.
and rotates 360deg. 4-place nosepiece w/ 4x, 10x, 40x(spring), 
and 100x(spring, oil) DIN standard objectives. 10x eyepieces.

Large 158mmx130mm mechanical, double-plate stage. With low-mounted
coaxial stage adustments, detailed vernier scale, mechanical slide
holder will hold even hold a 3"x2" slide.

Abbe NA 1.25 condenser w/filter holder. 6v-20w in-base halogen
light, mounted w/Cokin filter system.

With original packing and box. A beautiful microscope in excellent
condition! E-mail for a *.JPG graphic.   $550 pre-paid, includes

rspaulson at worldnet.att.net
Roger Paulson

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