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I need some help with this case study.  Can anyone help?

The patient was a 21-year-old male who has compalints of nausea,vomiting,
 diffuse body ached, productive cough, fever, and loose watery diarrhea.  He
 had not urinated in the past 24 hrs. and complained of dizziness on standing. 
 He denied headache or abdominal pain.  His past medical history was
 significant for sore throat 3 wks. previously.  He also reported that he had a
 urinary tract infection "a month or two" ago.  He received IV fluids, and a
 fecal specimen was positive for Entamoeba histolytica.  On physical exam by
 the infectious disease service, the fatient was found to have a fever of 39.1
 C, a heart rate of 104/min, and b/p or 134/84 mm Hg.  It also revealed
 enlarged tonsils but no cervical, axillary, or inguinal adenopathy.  No
 hepatosplenomegaly was noted.  Bowel sounds were normal.  Chest was clear on
 auscultation and by chest radiograph.  The patient was from NC, had no recent
 travel, did drink alcohol, and denied sexual contact.  Lab studies were
 significant for white blood cell cound of 2,200 with 57% polymorphonuclear
 lymphocytes, 33% lymphocytes, and 6% atypical lymphocytes.  Hepatitis A, B,
 and C virus and HIV serologies were negative.  The etiologic agent of his
 illness was detected by culture, positive antigen test, and PCR.

MLW618 at aol.com

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