Strep A

Andrew Shine tbiotech at indigo.ie
Wed Oct 29 08:58:56 EST 1997

Rapid tests for strep A that I have found either don't bother to 
mention detectable limits or seem only to detect 1.5 x 10^5 organisms.
This seems like a lot of bugs!!!!
I cannot believe that a throat swab would pick up that many bugs!
Does anyone know how many bugs would be needed to detect strep A by 
routine culture methods?
And/or how many Strep A bugs would be considered to cause infection as I 
have been told that they are present in almost every throat in low 
numbers and in high numbers in 5 - 10% of asymptomatic patients!
All literature searches and text-books have not been any use.

PS. Prefer email response and NOSPAM!!!!!!!
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