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Trevor Lowe. twlowe at ultra.net.au
Tue Oct 28 23:58:13 EST 1997

G. Alkire wrote in message ...
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>>    Hello, this is my first post so please excuse any etiquette mistakes.
>> Anyway, I have always been interested in microbiology/immunology and hope
>> to pursue a degree in this field of study.  What I am unsure about is the
>> availability for jobs in this area and the possible salaries.  I don't
>> want to spend 4+ years at University and discover that my degree is
>> worthless.  If you could answer any of my questions, I would really
>> appreciate it.
>   Microbiology is an area with limitless opportunities.  I am graduating
>in two months, and I already have a position secured with a genetics
>research laboratory.  You can work in industry, academia, governmont,
>publich health, food science, Medical technology -  clinical laboratory
>science, sales representative for biotech pharmaceutical companies etc...
>G. Alkire

Don't go including Medical technology - clinical laboratory in career
prospects for graduates with microbiology and not much else. Very few
clinical laboratories are taking on specialist microbiologists. The very
favoured trend is to give jobs to those with Medical Laboratory Science
degrees as they can offer greater flexibility in the current clinical
laboratory environment.

Trevor Lowe

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