pcDNA3 plasmid wanted

Slawek Dabrowski 18-22 slawek at chem.pg.gda.pl
Thu Oct 30 07:39:50 EST 1997

Hello everybody,
 	I'm very interested in mammalian expression vectors from family 
 pcDNA3.1 (Invitrogen). I would like to exchange this plasmid to some 
 plasmids for prokaryotic expression systems: pET3a, pET12a, pET15b, pET21d, 
 pET23b, pET23d, pET30LIC (in supercoiled form), pET32a (NOVAGEN) and 
 pcDNA2.1  (Invitrogen).
 	Thank you for your help,
 				Slawek Dabrowski
 Technical University of Gdansk
 Department of Microbiology
 Narutowicza 11/12
 80-952 Gdansk
 tel./fax: +48 58 471822
 e-mail: slawek at altis.chem.pg.gda.pl

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