Need microtome advice

R.S. Paulson rspaulson at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 30 17:58:38 EST 1997

I am having some pains trying to get a proper microtome 
technique developed. I am using an A/O 820 rotary microtome.

The initial sections curled badly when coming off the block.
Reducing the section thickness helped, but not acceptably so. 
 - Is it possible that the paraffin I am using is too hard?
 - Do you lubricate the blade, to keep the thin sections from
   sticking to the top of the specimen block when it cycles
   back above the blade?

My goal is to get a nice 'ribbon' coming off the block.

Also, on clearing the section of parafin once laid on the slide:
The text I am using suggests Xylol baths. So far, it still leaves
a cloudy residue on the specimen and slide. 

Any techniques to help? Thanks!

Roger Paulson
rspaulson at worldnet.att.net

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