Future Microbiologist Needs Advice

Meteorite vdmerwea at intekom.co.za
Thu Oct 30 16:25:28 EST 1997

Dear Trevor...

Microbiology is a virtually limitless field. You can use it just like that
(i.e. work for a microbiological company, etc.), or you can use it to base
further studies (i.e. virology, etc.) on. However, what the other people
who also responded to the message seem to have forgotten, is that you can
begin your own business with your degree in microbiology!

I recently attended a seminar in which the speaker elaborated ad nauseum on
just what you can do with such a degree. However, the most interesting part
for me was the business part. He told of one of his ex students who started
a business assessing water quality. At first, this student made use of
university facilities, but could soon afford her own. I hear that her
business is still going strong, and that she now included food quality and
environmental microbiology. She employs quite a few people, and they all
seem to make a happy living out of this one little business. Just goes to


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