DNA Fingerprinting Workshop

Mr. Ken Carter kcarter at umbc.edu
Tue Oct 28 09:58:00 EST 1997

					November 4-7, 1997
		American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), Rockville, MD

DNA fingerprinting is an extremely useful tool in the fields of clinical
and industrial microbiology as well as epidemiology. This four-day,
laboratory-intensive, course is designed to introduce the participant to
both manual and automated methods for fingerprinting microbial genomes.
The microorganisms examined will include eukaryotes and bacteria. The
workshop will provide introductory and intermediate level instruction, not
only in the currently available technologies, but also in the different
options for data analysis.

A general background in molecular biology and PCR* applications is
helpful, but not necessary. approximately 75% of the course is devoted to
laboratory instruction, while 25% is lecture-oriented. An extensive manual
with protocols, procedures and trouble-shooting tips will be provided to
each participant.

Lecture topics will include:

   1.DNA isolation and purification, 
   2.General options for microbial DNA fingerprinting,
   3.PCR-based fingerprinting methods (e.g., PCR with arbitrary primers,
inter-repeat PCR, fingerprinting by amplification of tRNA / rRNA spacers,
and selective restriction fragment amplification,
   4.Automated fingerprinting methods,
   5.Troubleshooting, and
   6.Data analysis.

Results of hands-on experiments will be analyzed and discussed. There will
be ample opportunity for consultations with workshop faculty on the
various options available for microbial DNA fingerprinting.

Faculty: Jane Tang, Ph.D., Collection Scientist (ATCC); Maria Saluta,
Ph.D. (Pharmacia Biotech); Tom Nerad, Ph.D., Collection Scientist (ATCC);
Roberto Rodriguez, Ph.D. (Pharmacia Biotech); Dennis Devitt, Ph.D.
(Pharmacia Biotech).

Limited to 25 participants
FEE: $1,195.00
2.8 CEUs

* The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process is covered by patents owned
by Hoffmann-La Roche. Use of the PCR process requires a license.

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