Thomas Tomzynski tomtomz at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat May 2 00:03:04 EST 1998

A definition that I use and is supported by a microbiology professor I
know is "the use of an organic compound as an terminal electron
acceptor."  Since some strict anaerobes will ferment, I'd say the terms
are non-interchangeable.  Also, I'm not positive without cracking a
book, but I'd guess that nitrate respiration in the absence of air would
allow an aerobe to be a facultative anaerobe but not necessarily a
fermenter.  Does this sound OK?
P.S.  Of course this has nothing to do with industrial "fermentation."

Erwinia wrote:
<I've always had this a understanding of this term. Can someone define
<for me and can it be interchanged with the term facultative anaerobic?

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