Fe(III) Chelator

Emir KHATIPOV khatipov at nibh.go.jp
Tue May 5 02:23:28 EST 1998

In addition to EDTA group and siderophores, there are hydroxamates, which I
believe are somewhat similar to siderophores, but easier to get (e.g. from
SIGMA). Try acetylhydroxamate, gamma-glutamylhydroxamate, etc. Hydroxamates
form colored (light absorption at 540nm) complexes with Fe(III), and this is
used in a number of assays where hydroxamates are products.

>Zen wrote in message <354E2ECB.4B31A576 at ikp.unibe.ch>...
>Does anyone know of a chelator for Fe(III)? Thank you!

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