Fe(III) Chelator

Arnoud van Vliet arnoud at vanvliet.u-net.com
Mon May 4 19:26:53 EST 1998

Hi Zen,

there are several possibilities, depending on what you try to do. If
it's for limiting iron in medium, try EDDHA (ethylene-diamine-di...
etc etc sorry can't remember whole name; look up in Sigma catalogue)
or try bacterial siderophores like desferrioxamine-B. However, if
you're working with bacteria like Salmonella, check whether they can
utilize the siderophore.

I think EDDHA will work as well in chemical reactions; beware however
that it's not binding iron only!

hope this helps,

On Mon, 04 May 1998 23:10:36 +0200, Zen <zen.lu at ikp.unibe.ch> wrote:

>Does anyone know of a chelator for Fe(III)? Thank you!

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