Campylobacter jejuni genome sequence at the Sanger Centre

Julian Parkhill parkhill at sanger.ac.uk
Tue May 5 05:54:56 EST 1998

The Sanger Centre has completed the initial shotgun of the genome of
Campylobacter jejuni NCTC 11168. At present there are 28 contigs over 
1kb, totalling 1.644 Mb (approx 97% of the genome).

The sequences can be searched at, or retrieved from, the Sanger Centre 
web site at:


Information about other microbial genomes being sequenced at the Sanger
Centre is available from:


Available at present are the complete sequence of Mycobacterium
tuberculosis H37Rv, assembly data covering 98% of Neisseria meningitidis
serogroup A strain Z2491 (94 contigs totalling 2.176 Mb), and 1900 reads
from the library testing stage of the shotgun sequencing of Yersinia 
pestis strain CO-92 Biovar Orientalis. Cosmid sequences from the 
genomes of Mycobacterium leprae and Streptomyces coelicolor are also

All of these databases are updated weekly.

Julian Parkhill                                    parkhill at sanger.ac.uk
The Sanger Centre, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambs CB10 1SA

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