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Halynic at eatel.net writes,

<I am looking for result to lab test to compare with mine to ensure they 

1. starch agar plate  - I got negative
2.spirit blue lipid agar plate- I got positive
3. nutriet gelatin- I got positive
4.fluid thioglycollate medium- I got aerobe
5.mr-vp -I got neg. on both
6.sim medium-neg. on all three
7.litmus milk-acid
8.simmons citrate agar slant-pos.  pH<7.6
9.phenol red glucese-acid
10.                lactose broth- acid
11.                mannitol -no acid

if any answers are known please let me know.>

A  no-longer-in-print handbook originally published in 1973 by the USDA - 
Agriculture Handbook 427, "Bacillus") - has a Bacillus speciation scheme 
(Key 1: A Stepping-Stone for Identifying Typical Strains of Bacillus 
Species, on page 97).  

According to this Key, B. megaterium is identified by the following 

Catalase positive, Voges-Proskauer negative,  no growth at 65C,  negative 
for starch hydrolysis,  negative for acid and gas from glucose, and 
positive for citrate utilization.

Since I'm at home now, I don't have a Bergey's Manual of Systematic 
Bacteriology accessible...but I'd suggest you compare your test results 
with those in Bergey's...or, consider if you're sure your bug is B. 


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