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Wed May 13 12:43:04 EST 1998

In article <355A51EE.3076 at ix.netcom.com>,  <react at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>Then you'd best recognize that this trend originates with the government
>'downsizing' programs implimented when the right-wing took over.  Their
>philosophy is that public universities will be privatized and can earn
>their own way or go under.  Universities are responding in the only way
>they can - by becoming businesses instead of educational institutions. 
>You and a number of others haven't got the sense to realize that you
>have a noose around your neck because you put it there, and it is only
>being drawn tight because you're yanking on it with your right hand.

While I disagree with the strident tone, I could not have
said it better....


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