decomposition of materials

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Wed May 13 10:00:49 EST 1998

Our laboratory is interested in developing lures for vertebrates using
biological reactors as odor generating sources.  Specifically we are
interested identifying the microbial populations responsible for
decomposition of animals, how these populations may differ among taxa,
and the similarities and dissimilarities of the volatile metabolic
by-products of the decomposition process that may occur as a function of
the microbial populations involved and their vertebrate nutrient
substrate.  Our expertise focuses on vertebrate sensory systems,
behavior, and ecology.  We are looking for potential microbial
ecologists to collaborate with.  If you are interested in initiating a
discussion on the topic, or can make suggestions about possible
collaborators, please contact our laboratory.  You may also wish to
visit our web site to get a broader picture of our research interests
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