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Wed May 13 21:07:43 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:
> Editorial on academic patenting
> in Science May 1 1998  page 698
> Titled  "Can Patents Deter Innovation?  The Anticommons in
> Biomedical Research"
> Science Magazine has had some incredible editorials a cut
> far and above the run of the mill science journalism.
> This particular editorial highlights how government encouraged
> university patenting of taxpayer funded work is   creating
> intellectual property gridlock.  Hoards of interlocking
> nusciance patents governed by university bureaucrats will prevent
> utlization of technology,and ultimately, destroy the private market
> for science professionals by making R&D unprofitable.  R&D will
> be plain impossible due to this gridlock. Nothing but the
> current wasteland of academic jobs will remain.

Then you'd best recognize that this trend originates with the government
'downsizing' programs implimented when the right-wing took over.  Their
philosophy is that public universities will be privatized and can earn
their own way or go under.  Universities are responding in the only way
they can - by becoming businesses instead of educational institutions. 
You and a number of others haven't got the sense to realize that you
have a noose around your neck because you put it there, and it is only
being drawn tight because you're yanking on it with your right hand.

> Biosource is the oldest recruitment firm in the biotechnology
> industry. We have been warning of this for years. It is nice to
> finally see some lip service from the mainstream science press.

Recruitment industries, like any other, look out only for their profit
margins.  Anyone who takes industry babble as an insightful commentary
on national policy deserves what they get.


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