Marc Andelman drgonfly at ultranet.com
Wed May 13 18:40:39 EST 1998

You are a likeable guy too.  Can I prevail upon you to accept
that your arguments are illogical, or if  not illogical, are
predicated upon belief that values arbitary control by a few
self annointed bureaucrats?  Academic heaven to be sure!

Material Fellow wrote:
> If we knowledge workers can't get paid for what we know and create, then
> there is no point in a knowledge based life.

Fine, let them own patents. But why should anyone own patents
paid for at taxpayer expense.  Do you advocate an arbitraty
system of elite mandarins?

> Universities aren't stupid.  They know how to do cost accounting as well
> as any business.  The conversion of Universities to businesses was well
> under way following the Hippie revolts (demand that students be treated
> as customers) and the post Apollo moon landing technical depression.

Fine, let them operate as a business. However, by the same token,
ordinary business in any legitimate sense does not use tax money
to fund ownership of intellectual property on a massive scale.
WHo elects academis to use the power of the state to put a gun
to everyon else's head, in order to fund their own business schemes?

Marc Andelman

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