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> My kind of guy.  Now we need to go beyond talk.  Plan, then act.
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The first step of any plan is to develop a common understanding of the
enemy.  Without that, unless you are highly charismatic, plans are

The basic plan should encompass a re-reading of the US history from
about 1850 to 1930.  It need not be real extensive.  There are a few
simple books like "what you've forgotten about American History" (made
up) and the famous "Cartoon History of the United States" (pretty overly

The "business model" crowd have their ideals founded, often, in this
period of history.  They read the side of history that is devoted to how
much money could be made by businessmen and how easily it could be made
without government regulation.

They don't read or value the body of work on abuse of child labor,
slavery, women's labor issues, importing and abusing Chinese males to
build the cross country railroad, and Irish in the eastern part....union
busting, the corruption of Congress by major business
interests......(well, they read that part)....

Arguments of "Fairness" or "Honesty" or "Loyalty" or "duty" pale to
insignificance when they impact on the large piles of money that can be
made with just selective application of the principles.

Those who promote the "Business Model" are smart.... make no mistake
about that.  In order to put up a good battle, the opponents must also
be armed with historical and economic facts.  

All battle movements by the "Business Model" will be cloaked by concepts
such as "free trade", "globalization" and other high sounding names. 
However, these are shallow excuses for the real battle, greed which is
tacitly understood as the most powerful weapon, but whose existance must
always be denied in some way.

A good diversion, as Newt Gingrich has found out, is to talk fondly,
glowingly and lovingly about the former charitable works of the churches
and local communities and ladies societies as alternatives to government
services, for example.
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