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Material Fellow  <jbuch1 at pacbell.net> wrote:
>You're a likeable guy.  We talked briefly about something in which I am
>expert, and in which you weren't.  It was clear that none of my words
>connected with your brain cells.
>Uncle Al, Brian Moore, and react at ix.netcom.com said the basics.
>If we knowledge workers can't get paid for what we know and create, then
>there is no point in a knowledge based life.  
>Scientists don't want to follow the well tred path of schoolteachers - a
>knowledge based life of low pay and low respect.

I would not go that far.  My dad is a shoolteacher--elementary school
and adult-ed at the community college.  I'd be happy with his level
of compensation and job security.  What bothers me is that I might
very well wind up much worse off than him as I enter my 50's, if
things break the wrong way.


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