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Thu May 14 11:04:36 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:
> You are a likeable guy too.  Can I prevail upon you to accept
> that your arguments are illogical, or if  not illogical, are
> predicated upon belief that values arbitary control by a few
> self annointed bureaucrats?  Academic heaven to be sure!

They are not illogical - the control of government by and for the
wealthy is nearly complete in practice.  The entire right-wing is
mobilized against the middle class and working Americans.  You're a fool
and an ass, Andelman, and I expect it's because you have no education.

> Fine, let them own patents. But why should anyone own patents
> paid for at taxpayer expense.  Do you advocate an arbitraty
> system of elite mandarins?

Taxpayers who pay $20k per year in direct fees to send their kids to
university, or taxpayers who pay slightly higher income taxes to send
their kids for free?  Which taxpayers are you talking about here?  It's
the destruction of the class of elite mandarins, not it's support, that
is being discussed here.  When you free the public universities from
needing to behave like businesses they won't be so concerned about
controlling intellectual property.  THen you'll get your way.  The
policy you're advocating is going to increase your competition from

> Fine, let them operate as a business.

Then quit griping and whining about it.  You've lost the argument
already no matter which direction you approach it, because you can't get
what you want by going in the direction you're headed.  You simply look
like a clown.

> However, by the same token,
> ordinary business in any legitimate sense does not use tax money
> to fund ownership of intellectual property on a massive scale.

The hell you say!  Boeing has a mountain of patents obtained from U.S.
military contract work.  IBM is a business built on the foundation
provided by government.  The computer industry, the internet, and many
small businesses live or die on SBIR - you haven't the faintest idea
what you're talking about, Andelman.  You may be the biggest idiot on
the net.

> WHo elects academis to use the power of the state to put a gun
> to everyon else's head, in order to fund their own business schemes?

You do!  You give them the option of funding their own business schemes
or losing their jobs.  It's you, Andelman.  It's your fault.  Your
responsibility.  You forced the gun into their hands.  You are the
problem.  You are the culprit.  It's you, Andleman.  -> You <-.


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