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react at ix.netcom.com wrote in message <355D63F2.5426 at ix.netcom.com>...

>And it's mine.  Good for you, Glenn!  We're getting the basis here of
>people who can create a political platform that's good for and can
>rebuild the middle class - people want to work for a living without
>being dominated by work.

Sign me up too, although I'm not too optimistic about the success of such an

Unfortunately, some people will never be satisfied with a comfortable life.
They need another unused room, another automotive showpiece,
another...insert useless piece of material crap here...  They have a problem
with self-esteem and think possession of objects or power will make them
feel more important....give their lives some meaning.  I fear that is a fact
of our species.  Despite all the "divine creation" ballyhoo, we're just a
bunch of well-groomed chimps fighting for bananas.  Given the opportunity,
some chimps will fight vigorously to obtain way more bananas than they can
possibly consume.  Those with these "biggest sticks" will thrive and pass on
their genetic heritage for the oh-so-promising future of humanity.  Some of
us will choose to be the last vestige of our own genetic information.  It's
not pretty, it's nature.

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