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Sat May 16 05:17:50 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:

> Small business has no problem competing, in spite of unfair
> competition against the full weight of an intrustive government.

More whining!  Small business has every advantage they could want -
except the damned right-wing took away the resources of the middle
class.  Nothing can stop a sharp guy with resources.  If you've been
stopped, blame yourself because of your policies.

> Large institutions greatest virtue is their collective stupidity.

Did you know that a large institution doesn't have intelligence? 
Really!  Only the individuals in it have intelligence.  But I think that
IBM, INTEL, Microsoft, and so on and on, all large institutions, can
probably outdo you any day of the week.

> What you are defending is called crony capitalsim, a crooked interconnection
> of government, big business, and academia.

No, no, no.  This is what Capitalism is all about.  When you support the
right wing, this is what you support.  You've created your own hell-hole
and you don't have what it takes to learn anything.  That's why you left
academia - you don't have what it takes.

> Such a system is
> bureaucrat run so does not allocate resources to where they can do
> the most good.

Management is terrible.  It's run by people with low and moderate
education - people who couldn't cut the mustard.  Managers suck up the
resources at the top.  It's called the 'trickle-down' economy.  It's the
right-wing economy.  You think it would go away with smaller government,
but it wouldn't.  It would make matters worse.

>  Hence I advocate a more "perfect capitalism" predicated
> upon no holds barred free markets,

No you don't.  You'd get squashed like a bug, and you'd be screaming to
government to help you just like you are now when you demand that
government stop funding research and industry.  Help me, Daddy!  Jimmy's
being unfair!  Your only hope is to vote for big government and against
the right wing.  You don't realize this, but it's true.

> What you are defending is immoral and socially unstable, whether
> pursued in the old Soviet system or in Indonesia, which last I heard,
> has it's capital of Jakarta in flames.

It does.  The Asian miracle is having problems.  Why should this bother
you?  It's all part of your policies which includes smaller government
(how big is the Indonesian government), your monetary policy (the stock
market was running the place and lost control).

The policies Glenn has observed - I didn't notice he defended them - are
those implemented and fed by the right wing - the 'small government'
people who forced universities to behave like businesses.  You're
brain-dead, Andelman.  It's your own fault, Andelman.  Your fault, your


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