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Fri May 15 09:46:02 EST 1998

Paul Kinsler wrote:
> In sci.research.careers Marc Andelman <drgonfly at ultranet.com> wrote:
> > react at ix.netcom.com wrote:
> > > You do!  You give them the option of funding their own business schemes
> > > or losing their jobs.  It's you, Andelman.  It's your fault.  Your
> > > responsibility.  You forced the gun into their hands.  You are the
> > > problem.  You are the culprit.  It's you, Andleman.  -> You <-.
> > This is the blue haired old lady argument that says pay everyone welfare
> > so they won't be forced to take a gun to murder and steal from us.
> Social and economic deprivation is closely related to levels of
> crime.  What was your point, Marc? :-)

'Let them eat cake' said Marie Antoinette.

Not even the Russians wanted to rebel.  They looked at the Tsar as their
Father.  Then the Tsar's guards shot the demonstrators.


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