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Fri May 15 09:42:21 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:
> >
> > > WHo elects academis to use the power of the state to put a gun
> > > to everyon else's head, in order to fund their own business schemes?
> > >
> >
> > You do!  You give them the option of funding their own business schemes
> > or losing their jobs.  It's you, Andelman.  It's your fault.  Your
> > responsibility.  You forced the gun into their hands.  You are the
> > problem.  You are the culprit.  It's you, Andleman.  -> You <-.
> >
> > M.
> This is the blue haired old lady argument that says pay everyone welfare
> so they won't be forced to take a gun to murder and steal from us.

You're going crazy, Andelman.  You're knocking you head on the wall and
blaming the wall.  You starve your dog then have him put to sleep 'cause
he gets in the garbage.  You're shooting yourself in the foot and
blaming the gun.  You get drunk and fall downstairs then blame the
stairs.  It's you Andelman.  You get hurt 'cause you jump out the window
then you blame the carpenter for building the house.  You haven't got an
ounce of sense so you may as well quit pretending that you do.  It's
your fault, Andelman.  It's your responsibility.  You're the culprit. 
You put your neck in the noose and you are drawing the rope tight.  It's
you, Andelman.  You.  ->You<-.


P.S.  It's you.  Your fault.  Your responsibility.  You're to blame.


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