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Marc Andelman wrote:

> What you are defending is called crony capitalsim, a crooked interconnection
> of government, big business, and academia. Such a system is
> bureaucrat run so does not allocate resources to where they can do
> the most good.  Hence I advocate a more "perfect capitalism" predicated
> upon no holds barred free markets,
> What you are defending is immoral and socially unstable, whether
> pursued in the old Soviet system or in Indonesia, which last I heard,
> has it's capital of Jakarta in flames.
> Regards,
> Marc Andelman

Marc Andelman goes on, elsewhere, to indirectly indicate how a small
business can thrive ---- for example by getting free heat which is
important in the cold NorthEast.

This concept may be patentable.  It is generated by the juxtposition of
pieces of information already in the Public Domain.  --- a theme
documented in several public postings of Marc--- where small business
can excell.

It appears as if, should it be patentable, Mr. Andelman can claim first
publication.  Perhaps I can claim the right to franchise the business as
a means to reduce home heating bills.

Subject:      How to heat your home cheap
From:         Marc Andelman <drgonfly at ultranet.com>
Date:         1998/05/08
Message-ID:   <35538509.3BB1 at ultranet.com>
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Put out lots of ads for Ph.D scientists.  Guaranteed that the
BTU's/cost of ad will be a low number.  

Other good methods;
1. Buy pornographic material mail order.

2. Send letter to college admissions advertising oneself
as a "minority". You will be able to heat your house with

3. Generally, get on as many junk mailing lists as you can.

Marc Andelman
.............................. How to Run a PHD Recruiting Business
------------first lesson ------------Specific Recruit Casting

Southern CA location. Well funded company seeks computer guru,
expert in rational drug design based upon receptor interactions.
Interested people please E mail Marc Andelman 
drgonfly at biosource.ultranet.com    or FAX 508 853 8772
Biosource is the oldest recruitment firm in the biotech
industry.  Unless specifically requested, please allow
me only to get back to you if in fact this is a dead
ringer for your experiences and interests.

Marc Andelman

MF adds:
	NOTE: Don't waste paper by sending replies to those who "fuel" 	your
-------------------------second example - home based recruiting business
--------------- a wide area troll for applicants ------

Biosource is the oldest recruitment firm in the biotech
industry and an employer paid fee service.  We would 
currently like to hear from people interested in 
product manager to Director level jobs in marketing.
People must have industrial experience and marketing
background in therapeutics or diagnostics, most preferable
molecular biology orientated.  Please understand
that I will only get back in touch if I have a position
that is a dead ringer for someone's experience / interests.
Thank you
Marc Andelman

MF added note:  Saves paper and stamps by no reply "UNLESS there is a
special circumstance".  Keep the burnables at home.

----------------------------------- Additional examples ------
1 Parkton Ave
Worcester, MA 01605

Biosource is an employer paid fee service.
Our client, a Massachusetts company, is
seeking the following individual;

Biochemical engineer
hands on, creative  individual with 
knoweldge of membrane and filtration 
processes. Small company in Massachusetts
that is processing a large MW
biomaterial from human tissue. 
They are seeking someone who can
scale up a naturual tissue purfication 
procedure.  This is a fairly small
scale process and does not need big
equipment.  The need here is to 
develop an economical manufacturing
process.   This person must be independent 
and creative.  Education level may
be Ph.D, MS, or BS.

Interested people should contact
Marc Andelaman by E mail or fax
(508) 853 8772 or call (508) 853-8803
or write ;
1 Parkton Ave.
Worcester, MA 01605 

Unless specifically requested, please allow
me to only get back in touch if this or something
else is a dead ringer for a particular person's
interests.  Thank you.

Hi.  Biosource is an employer paid fee service.  We currently have
a position with a ...... Unless specifically requested, I will
only get back in touch  if this or some future
opening is a dead ringer for the applicant's career interests.

Thank you
Marc Andelman
--------------------------------------- end examples--------

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