MUST READ -- Free Home Heating by running a recruiting business

Marc Andelman drgonfly at ultranet.com
Fri May 15 20:51:47 EST 1998

Material Fellow wrote:
> Marc Andelman goes on, elsewhere, to indirectly indicate how a small
> business can thrive ---- for example by getting free heat which is
> important in the cold NorthEast.
> This concept may be patentable.  It is generated by the juxtposition of
> pieces of information already in the Public Domain.  --- a theme
> documented in several public postings of Marc--- where small business
> can excell.
> It appears as if, should it be patentable, Mr. Andelman can claim first
> publication.  Perhaps I can claim the right to franchise the business as
> a means to reduce home heating bills.
> ..

I already took out a patent on it.

Look, don't castigate me for posting the truth.  This is not in my
best interest as someone who runs the oldest recruitment firm in
biotech.  However, it is a public service.  I think I know what I
am talking about, after all, on this matter.

Place an ad yourself and find out. Scientists know the score.  We have
gigabytes of resumes that we have been unable to service. That does
not make me happy at all.  I once placed a tiny ad for a chemist, which
is supposed to be a hot field, in the Boston Globe.   Eastern European
Postdocs enslaved at a local  university were knocking on my door, and
had been waiting for us to open up the next morning.

As a scientist, your job market is totally screwed up by massive
state fundinng of excess personnel.  That is why  job requirements
are so ridiculously specific and mintutely qualified.  Ask Art Sowers
if this sort of post was misleading or a lie.

Marc Andelman

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