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mike wrote:

> react at ix.netcom.com wrote in message <355D63F2.5426 at ix.netcom.com>...
> >And it's mine.  Good for you, Glenn!  We're getting the basis here of
> >people who can create a political platform that's good for and can
> >rebuild the middle class - people want to work for a living without
> >being dominated by work.
> Sign me up too, although I'm not too optimistic about the success of such an
> endeavor.
> Unfortunately, some people will never be satisfied with a comfortable life.
> They need another unused room, another automotive showpiece,
> another...insert useless piece of material crap here...  They have a problem
> with self-esteem and think possession of objects or power will make them
> feel more important....give their lives some meaning.  I fear that is a fact
> of our species.  Despite all the "divine creation" ballyhoo, we're just a
> bunch of well-groomed chimps fighting for bananas.  Given the opportunity,
> some chimps will fight vigorously to obtain way more bananas than they can
> possibly consume.  Those with these "biggest sticks" will thrive and pass on
> their genetic heritage for the oh-so-promising future of humanity.  Some of
> us will choose to be the last vestige of our own genetic information.  It's
> not pretty, it's nature.
> mike

 I agree there is a lot of chimp in us, I've been known to grab bananas, too.
Another important aspect is that we primates are tribal beasts.  A lot of us are
seeking validation or a sense of community.  Humans seem to have a greater need
to belong to something successful, to receive some sort of respect or acceptance
from the community.  I think the so called "attack on the middle class" is
actually a shift in the middle class sense of community.  We are constantly told
that the "in group" use specific types of products, engage in specific types of
activities, dress in a particular manner.  So, we who do not have these things
want them - mainly to be part of the community.  However, there are people on
this planet that have little more than a shirt and sharp stick and have achieved
this sense of community.  Yes, extremely poor people can be happy, go figure.
Kind of deflates all politico-economic arguments.

Today's competitive economics appears to exacerbate loss of community.  One is
either a loser, which is a community to NOT belong to, or one is still
competing.  The only community we seem to have now is to be an economic winner
and we all want to belong.  Unfortunately, we don't know the definition of
"winner".   So, as I alluded in previous messages, we carve bigger sticks for
use in our economy and keep competing until we lose to infirmity, age, or
whatever.  We beat each other to economic death.  Even Bill Gates, who many see
as the biggest "winner", keeps swinging his sticks - so is he REALLY a "winner"?
I dunno.

So what's the point of all this metaphysical crapola?  Its what my "old man"
tried to tell me when I was a snotty nosed kid but wouldn't listen.  Find what
you enjoy to do and do it well because the only competition that really counts
is with yourself.  Michael Faraday is attributed as saying " ... always strive
for success but never expect it" - which is essentially the same.  Build your
own community by gracefully accepting the successes of others and humbly sharing
your own.  ALWAYS respect others, no matter what transpires.  Yep, sounds pretty
cornball, I thought so too.  TRY IT.  It will take all the personal discipline
and courage you can muster.  I fail all the time but I keep trying.  Maybe in
the end that is the difference between humans and chimps.

It may be a bad opinion but its mine.

Glenn Horter

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