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Fri May 15 20:25:59 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:
> Paul Kinsler wrote:
> >
> >
> > > This is the blue haired old lady argument that says pay everyone welfare
> > > so they won't be forced to take a gun to murder and steal from us.
> >
> > Social and economic deprivation is closely related to levels of
> > crime.  What was your point, Marc? :-)
> >
> True, but that should not be used to justify the Welfare state.
> IMO, People need to accept responsiblity to uplift themselves.

A welfare argument.  Interesting transposition.

> React-X had the ludicrous idea that one should carry
> the welfare idea further to support  scientists as a
> class of white-coats on welfare so that universities
> do not need to steal tax payer funded patents in order to
> institute a self annointed mandarin class .

F* you, Andelman.  Your policies force academics in to the business
world.  You live with it, assh* and quit trying to pass the blame to
others.  If you can't compete, there's a charity food line waiting that
will keep you fed until you can find some useful employment.  You can't
compete, Andelman, and you're passing the blame around as fast as you
can.  But it's your own policies that forced you into competition that
you can't cope with.  Get a life, Andelman!  You're a whiner and a
complainer, and I've had enough of your type.  Why don't you go out and
get a useful job, and quit your whining for Chrissake?
Whine, whine, whine - nothing but whining from you.

I don't know why you think the state should take care of you by beating
your competition for you.  You can't stand on your own two feet so you
want to lean on the state.  You just can't cut it, Andelman, but it's
your own fault you're in this situation.  You're a loser, Andelman. 
Isn't that what you're saying?  That you're a whining loser who can't
cut competition?


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