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Sat May 16 18:22:58 EST 1998

Material Fellow wrote:
> Marc Andelman wrote:
> ? My original post was about an interesting editorial,or rather, an
> > actual research article in May 1 Science that makes a very good case
> > why academic patents will totally screw up the industrial job market for
> > scientists by making industrial R&D unprofitable.  ..  I think everyone should be extremely concerned
> > about this issue, ..
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Marc Andelman
> Actually, you are quite right about the issue of how focused interest in
> Patents, and over patenting, can muck up the progress in a field.
> The issue of patents in software raised the same issues -- how trivial
> patents (sometimes "invented after the fact") raised issues of grave
> concern.
> I don't know the issues, but the parallels might be of interest.
> It isn't just the patenting inventors involved, it is the overhead
> represented by the administrators and legal staff that add complexity.
> Since the software patent craze may have began a few years ahead of the
> biotech phase, perhaps there are some clues there as to what will happen
> -- it might die a semi-natural death -- and how to develop work-arounds.
> There are other fields that have faced issues of patents and explosions
> of information that could also have vital background that relates.  I
> don't think that it is a totally _new_ issue, but a variation on what
> has happened before.

What is very new and quite unprecidented is that the government, 
through academic  proxies is funding trivial nusciance patents
on an unprecidented, massive scale, most notable in 
biotech, but also in every field of science.

Broad fields of science are being patented and cut off at the
root from econmic development, held hostage by nit wit university
adminsitrators and univerisity licence departments who work
for institutions that will suffer no loss if such "inventions"
are  not commercialized. Therefore, these are the most
arrogant, stupid, and least worthwhile people to negotiate with.
Ergo, almost no one will bother and industrial R&D capital
will go somewhere else, to fund government paper or whatever.

Marc Andelman

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