mike mlietzow at ucla.edu
Sat May 16 17:05:16 EST 1998

Material Fellow wrote in message <355DF295.A8E at pacbell.net>...
>Looks as if two were fooled.
Fooled is a strong word here.  You made a whimsical post to which I
responded with another whimsical post.  I'm much too cynical to be concerned
with anybody else's "rules"; unless I happen to agree with them in which
case the "rules" would be unnecessary.
I like React's posts because they show some intestinal fortitude and, imo,
many of them articulate an accurate depiction of our society.
>The way it is usually employed is to call a bit of a break in a tense
>situation, and everyone usually knows that it is a humerous but well
>proven method to call for some verbal cool-down.

Understood, I use the same tactic in "real life".  Sometimes it works,
sometimes it gets me a sore nose :-).
>If you like the "Jerry Springer" newsgroup show, why don't you grab a
>chair and hit somebody?
That would be below me :-).  Besides,  it's too damned time consuming.
Entertaining yes, but not very productive.  That's a problem I have with
usenet.  It can be fun and productive but it's easy to get sucked into these
ideological marathons that accomplish squat.  Now back to that paper I've
procrastinated writing.

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