Marc Andelman drgonfly at ultranet.com
Sat May 16 16:16:04 EST 1998

react at ix.netcom.com wrote the following, defending state manipulation
of the economoy;

> Let's start with one easy point for you to not get.  The state is not
> competing with most private individuals.  It is providing most private
> individuals with opportunities to make a living both directly and
> indirectly.

In another thread, he wrote the following, criticizing a "magic circle"
that excludes free entreprise.

eact at ix.netcom.com wrote:
> William R. Penrose wrote:
> > The other name for this is "free enterprise".
> Not exactly.  Free enterprise requires a degree of freedom.  When
> enterprise is controlled and manipulated for the good of a small segment
> of society it is no longer free.  It becomes, in fact, very expensive
> for those outside the magic circle.

So how is government supposed to make a fair playing field by excercising
state power to chose who gets hired,funded, or benefits from communal
largess? My original post was about an interesting editorial,or rather, an
actual research article in May 1 Science that makes a very good case
why academic patents will totally screw up the industrial job market for
scientists by making industrial R&D unprofitable.  Yet all I hear is
ravings of a looney.  I think everyone should be extremely concerned
about this issue, yet the only response is from some burnout who is not
firing on all cylinders.


Marc Andelman

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