Bill Ward bward*remove_this* at ix.netcom.com
Sat May 16 16:21:58 EST 1998

react at ix.netcom.com wrote:

>Uncle Al wrote:


>>  The private sector is the
>> difference between America swallowing the planet and Europe whining
>> Socialist spews.

[react responded:]
>The private sector has become socialist, communist, and Nazi - taking
>the worst of these philospohies.  Those who support the current status
>quo are criminals who deserve incarceration at least.

How can the private sector be any of those?  The difference between
the private sector and the public sector is persuasion versus
coercion.  Collectivism of any denomination requires force.  The
private sector cannot use force - that is reserved for the public
and criminal sectors.


[UA continued:]
>> American patent law has
>> been whittled into nothing vis-a-vis the independent inventor.]

>The Republicans who have been screwing around with business,
>universities, and the national lab system if you've got a problem.  You
>can't even recognize the cause of the problem you complain about.  Quit
>mouthing off and open your eyes, idiot.

> > Case in
>> point:  For the past three years my company has been fighting USPTO to
>> patent a non-toxic formulation and delivery system which,
>>    1) Cleared roaches out of several Los Angeles carnecerias.  One
>> application, ten months of surcease.
>>    2) Cleared roaches out of a Tokyo apartment complex.  One
>> application, five months of surcease so far.
>>    3) Cleared roaches out of a Hawaiian food warehouse.  One month into
>> the field evaluation.

>So?  Everyone makes similar claims.

Could it be because he's right?  


>> Go to a good library.  Walk over to the Federal Register.  YOU WANT TO

>No, I want to put the public in charge.  Powerful democratic government
>is the only way to do it.  There is no other way.  You do truly seem to
>be an idiot.

Fortunately, our Constitution prevents you from having your way by
force.  If you recall, we're not a democracy, but a republic,
protected from the tyranny of the majority.

Please call me an idiot too -- coming from the likes of you I
consider it a high compliment. 

Bill Ward

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