Material Fellow jbuch1 at pacbell.net
Sat May 16 14:46:49 EST 1998

react at ix.netcom.com wrote:
> Material Fellow wrote:
> >
> > Goodwin's law of internet newsgroups postulates that the longer a thread
> > runs the closer to unity the probability becomes that someone will
> > reduce the argument to term of "Hitler" or "Nazi"
> >
> > When that happens, Goodwin's law states that the person to introduce the
> > term be declared to be the loser.
> >
> > React -- It is my sad duty to inform you that you have lost.  Please
> > cease further contributions to this thread.  You are inhibiting
> > successful progress of your viewpoint by further expounding upon it.
> >
> > Thank you for your insights.
> >
> React's Law says if a kettle is black you call it black, political
> correctness aside.  

> React's Law says that you are not the ultimate God
> of NG newsgroups, and that your opinion is worth about as much as anyone
> else's. 

For how long have you thought that someone else was or claimed to be the
Ultimate God of newsgroups?

 If you're frightened to use the terms 'Nazi' or 'Communist' or
> 'Soviet' or 'Nigger', or any others, then you have become part of the
> problem.  

Avoiding the regular and proficient use of these emotinally charged
terms is part of the old fashioned way of having social graces.  It has
been found unnecessary to call upon them in ordinary intelligent
conversation.  If you are offended by being compared to ordinary
standards of intelligent conversation, perhaps you should be talking to
a different newsgroup.

>The solution - the solution for you - is to decide if the
> label is appropriate in the contect in which it occurred.  If you can do
				   x  spelling is also still useful
> this, and if you can use the terms when they are appropriate, then
> 'Nigger', 'Nazi', and other buzz-terms no longer control your thinking
> processes.  

This appears to be a clever use of low taste to justify itself.  Look at
the wonderful way in which you have turned this into a derogatory
accusation. Then you top this by a logic process which claims that use
of such words suggests superiority!  Raw talent you do have!

> I'll continue expressing my viewpoint in the way I see fit without
> asking your opinion.  Thanks anyway.

There is no doubt that you will continue expressing your viewpoint in
the way you see fit, but being taken seriously or having an effect on
your listeners is something else entirely.

I had previously thought of you as a thinker, but somewhat crude.

Now you have been revealed as the related "stinker", your words become
offal as a deliberate means of expression, or as a lack of vocabulary,
and perhaps concepts.  The frequency with which you use the F*** and
S*** words speaks volumes.  You can't fully hide from yourself forever.

Please use grown up language when discussing grown up topics in groups
populated by grownups.

How can you be so taken in by the old horse joke of Goodwin's Law that
you react this way?   I felt that even you had some semblance of
sophistication and worldliness.  

You were right, I overestimated you.  My deep aplogies for previously
treating you with respect.

(this space intentionally left BLANK)

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