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Sun May 17 02:16:21 EST 1998

Teel Adams wrote:

>   I really worry about you all.  I truly do.    Have you never seen people
> that are happy, people that know that the true glory in life is in basic
> things.  Do you live in the world of killer chimps?   Have you never seen a
> man or woman at peace with their god, and realized that is more important all
> the bananas in the world?

Sorry, I've been in a position where my ability to pay the rent was
questionable.  All the true glory in the world doesn't help.  Tolerance
is a virtue of the naive, or those who are in a position to afford it.

> Do you want to be Bill Gates?  To you want to live your life as an insecure
> whiney little nerd? 

That's not nice.  Do you resent Gates because of his wealth?  Aren't
there poor, whiney little nerds for you to pick on?

> Who wrets and fumes over when all the grownups complain
> about his poor play ground behavior?

He's a successful business man - is that why you don't like him?

> No,   if you want to be that, then you've not analysed the system right, you
> are trying to optimize the wrong system variables

Unfortuantely we've only been left with one two-state variable:  play or
starve.  Ethics are for those who can afford ethics, not for those with
responsibility for the welfare of others.


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